Facial Recognition Technology: Boon or Bane? - Ronnie Ninan

We are living in the most technologically progressive times the world has ever seen, all thanks to the numerous ways we found to make our lives easier..............

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Religion and Jingoism: Why the Union (with benefits) between Buddhist Monks and Military in Myanmar is not a Surprise - Dr. Sampa Kundu

From a difficult phase as evident during the Saffron Revolution in 2007 to a pronounced partnership as shown in October 2018, the relationship between..............

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Climate Change: The March of Will and Valor - Ishita Singh

The fifteenth of March, 2019, witnessed one of the world’s largest youth-led global movements for climate change in history. Overwhelming number of ..............

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Populism in Contemporary Politics: The US Experience - By Talmiz Ahmad

The word "populism" has recently entered the lexicon of modern-day politics, having been declared "word of the year" in 2017 by Cambridge Dictionary. ..............

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The Changing Nature of Populism in Europe is not really about 'Change' - By Nidhi Meppadan

The discourse on populism, which gained momentum due to a failing economy, has gravitated towards issues of identity and culture and appears to have l..............

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The Rise of Oriental and Occidental Populism in the 21st Century - By Ishita Singh

The 21st century's international milieu has witnessed a rapid and steep rise in populism throughput he world. The term populism has originated from th..............

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The Right Turn of Brazil - By Sameer Guduru

The Brazil elections this year appears to reflect the populist sentiment that has rocked the developed countries of the West, and has ended up raising..............

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Daesh’s affair with the dark web - R. Mohan Babu

Daesh’s affair with the dark web

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Understanding the difference between an Island and a Rock in context of South China Sea Dispute

Understanding the difference between an Island and a Rock in context of South China Sea Dispute

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How the mighty don't fall - Soham Joshi

How the mighty don’t fall

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